Being a nice friend!

Today in Whio we talked together about how we can be can be a good friend and what to do if you are feeling sad or upset. The children came up with lots of great ideas! We then wrote about them. Please have a read below!

Happy Wedding Miss Norman

Today was Miss Norman's last day at school before she heads off to Fiji to get married. The children made her a beautiful book full of pictures of her in her wedding dress! She also got lots of hugs as the children left. We hope you have wonderful time in Fiji Miss Norman and a very happy wedding day! Miss Norman will be back at school for the last day of Term 2.

Writing Postcards

Hi Parents,

Please have a look in your child's reading folder as they have made a postcard to invite you along to our Production.

We are performing on Thursday 27th of June at 6:30 pm and Tuesday 2nd July at 5:30pm.

Tickets will be on sale from Monday next week - from the hall kitchen.

Maths eyes

With our production theme being 'insects' we have been linking this in with all areas of our learning.

For maths we showed the children this image and asked them to use their maths eyes. We asked them what they noticed about this picture?? They had to record this on their own whiteboard and share their ideas back to the studio.

We were very impressed with their responses.

-I can see 7 dots
-I can see 7 dots - 3 plus 3 plus 1 more
-I can see 7 dots - 2,4,6,  7 (counting in 2s)

-I can see 6 legs
-I can count the legs in twos
-I know 3 + 3 is 6

-I can see three body parts - head, thorax, abdomen

-I can see 2 antennae

-I can see a line down the middle - it looks like half
-I think it is a mirror line - reflection

We then talked about symmetry.

As you can see from all of the ideas the children shared - Our maths eye are AMAZING!!!

Fun at the Fun Run

We had an amazing time at the Fun Run on Thursday, and we made our teachers and parents so proud. Even though there were some tricky parts, we keep trying and did not give up.

First we had to go over hurdles.

Then we had to jump in coloured hoops.

After that we went down the slide outside Whio.

Next we army crawled under the spider web.

Behind the senior block we jumped across some coloured dots, used our arms to help us balance along the edge of their playground and then we got to go over and under there monkey bars.