Guess My Number

We are growing our brains this week and learning a variety of maths game so that we can play these independently during maths time. This is one we learned on Wednesday called 'Guess My Number'. The children could decide whether they wanted to play learning numbers up to 20 or challenge themselves with numbers up to 100. We had lots of fun. Here are some pictures of our learning:

Big Buddies!

Today we had our first buddy class session. We all got to meet our new buddy that we will be doing activities with every second Friday. We shared a little bit about ourselves and read a story to our big buddy. At the end of the session we got to have a play on the Orongomai spider's web (climbing frame). That was so much fun! We are already looking forward to our next Buddy class time in week 5.

Maths Focus this week

This week for maths we have been focussing on learning some new maths games. These games will be able to be played independently once our maths rotations begin properly. The children have worked really well in small groups and have learnt lots of new skills!

Friday fun day!!!

Hi all,

Another fun filled week in Whio. We are feeling really lucky to have such awesome children in our studio.
Here are some photos of what the children were doing today during open door Friday and ACTIVE time.

Whio Teachers :)

Mihi Whakatau

Today we had our Mihi Whakatau to welcome new students and staff to Halswell School. It's always awesome to see the Kapakapa group perform!

Happy Valentines Day from Whio!

The children had lots of fun today creating Valentines Day cards for special people.

Our Whio Treaty

This week as a studio we have created 'Our Studio Treaty.' As T groups we read 'The Tree Hut Treaty' and talked about what a treaty is all about. We spoke about how these are promises we are making. We think the children in Whio came up with some great ideas and we know that if we can follow these guidelines we will have a great year together. All of the children decorated their own duck (Whio means blue duck) and signed it with their name to show us that they agree to our Whio Treaty. Please come in and have a look.